Academic licence & Master's degree offers

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on 24 novembre 2020
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Academic licence & Master's degree offers

Common Core

  • Common core licence 1st Year
  • 2nd Year Biotecnology
  • 2nd Year Biological Sciences
  • 2nd Year HBMC
  • 2nd Year Agricultural Science
  • 2nd Year Food Science
  • 2nd Year Ecology and Environment


  • 3rd Year Ecology and Environment
  • 3rd Year Forestry
  • 3rd Year Crop production
  • 3rd Year Animal Production
  • 3rd Year Crop protection
  • 3rd Year Soil and water
  • 3rd Year Plant Biotechnology and Improvement
  • 3rd Year Microbial Biotechnology
  • 3rd Year Biology and Ecology of Aquatic Environments
  • 3rd Year Food, nutrition and pathologies
  • 3rd Year Food Technology and Quality Control
  • 3rd Year EPS
  • 3rd Year Biochemistry
  • 3rd Year Molecular Biology
  • 3rd Year Biology_Plant_Physiology
  • 3rd Genetic Year
  • 3rd Year Microbiology
  • 3rd Year Parasitology


  • Master Ecology and Environment
  • Master's degree in Forestry
  • Master's Degree in Crop Production
  • Master in Animal Production
  • Master Plant Protection
  • Master Soil and Water
  • Master's Degree in Plant Biotechnology and Improvement
  • Master in Microbial Biotechnology
  • Master's degree in BIOTECHNOLOGY AND HEALTH
  • Master's degree in Biology and Ecology of Aquatic Environments
  • Master's Degree in Food, Nutrition and Pathologies
  • Master's Degree in Food Technology and Quality Control
  • Master BPA
  • Master in Biochemistry
  • Master in Molecular Biology
  • Master Biology_Physiology_Plant Biology
  • Master in Genetics
  • Master in Microbiology
  • Master Parasitology