The University of Blida 1 is located in an agricultural region par excellence. It has faculties and institutes including the SNV faculty. The SNV faculty is one of its faculties:

                             - Four departments

                             - Five laboratories

    The young and dynamic management team is dedicated to the promotion of higher education and the training of students in several fields.

    Aware of the importance of this region in the agricultural and agro-industrial field, the SNV directs research work, particularly doctoral theses, towards scientific and technological solutions for this field and enables their holders to shout out start-ups enabling them to enter the world of work and become part of the dynamics of scientific and technological support to the agricultural world.

    Our concern is also to find biological solutions capable of helping the farmer to better protect his production, to improve the yield of his production in order to take up the challenge of food self-satisfaction and to be competitive for the farm which will reap recipes that will take us away from our dependence on hydrocarbons.

    Through research work, we also try to find biological solutions for the protection of the environment and the citizen by ensuring products for consumption that are less dangerous to health.

    The agro-food sector, which is very important in the region, is not to be outdone. The faculty spares no effort to support this sector by training engineers who can provide technical support to help control production and improve productivity.

    In addition, and in order to counter the reported deficit in this area of health, the faculty is contributing by training a significant number of biologists. The tasks of this faculty are very important and diverse.

    We welcome all new ideas that are part of this dynamic to meet both economic and ecological challenges.

    In conclusion, and in view of the climate changes that have caused damage all over the world, one conclusion is clear to all of us: to protect life, we must tirelessly protect the earth.


    Dr.CHAICHI Wissem

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