A baccalaureate may only benefit from one university registration, even if he holds several baccalaureate certificates.
He can not claim a second diploma with the same diploma until after (n + 1) years after obtaining the first diploma, such that "n" represents the number of years of obtaining the first diploma .
The enrollment for a second degree is conditioned by: - The availability of the educational place in the requested sector. - The presentation of the original of the baccalaureate and the first diploma. For
baccalaureate holders prior to the current academic year, only baccalaureate holders who have never taken a registration, are authorized to submit the application for registration which will be examined by
the institution.
The student can only follow the courses in view of a diploma if he is regularly enrolled


The final withdrawal of the original of the certificate of the baccalaureate deprives the right to return to the university of origin. The cancellation notice will appear on the back of the certificate


the student must meet the criteria for access to the desired sector and present any justification justifying the request for transfer (application, certificate of residence, certificate of work of the parents ..)
He must contact the tuition department of the university where he would like to continue his studies to know the terms and deadlines for transfer. The transfer is subject to the availability of teaching places in
the host structure.

The original of the baccalaureate is obligatorily asked in the registration file and this document will be stamped (stamp, claw and signature of the pedagogical director) on the back with the date of the inscription.